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Wayne Lundberg
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Default Mummy candy

"Anna" wrote in message
I was just curious if anybody know why people eat mummy candy in

Guanajuato, Mexico?

You have touched on a wonderful cultural point of interest. In the city of
Guanajuato, when somebody dies, they get buried in the local cemetery and
stay buried for as long as the family or relatives can pay for the yearly
dues. When the family does not pay for more than two years, the body is
exhumed and disposed of. If the body looks interesting, if the facial
expression, the pregnancy, the deformity, the uniform of a five star
general... whatever... these bodies have been mummified due to the dryness
of climate and water-sucking quality of minerals in the burial ground
itself. Then people pay good money to parade through the museum to see these
dead people. So a whole tourism trade has grown from this thing; among which
is many forms of sugar candy. So, yes, mummy candy is readily available. But
it's not made from the mummies! It's candy.

Wayne for some real fun in the sun!