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Default Old Fashion Biscuits

"William Jennings" wrote in message
The name "Old Fashion Biscuits" is misdirecting. Had it been "Vieja

Biscuites" they would have passed without notice. :-)


"William Jennings" wrote in message
Along the Tex-Mex Boarder Plex, old fashion biscuits as described in

post are often found in panderies beside sweet anise molletes,

pumpkin empanaditas and a multitude of exuberantly colored pasteles.


"Dimitri" wrote in message

"Linda" wrote in message
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Look Mr. A1, I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but there are

groups that would be more appropriate for this recipe.

Linda and Dimitri, I'm sure you think you 're speaking for the Millions of
people in Mexico, when you say not one person living in Mexico would ever
make biscuits because the recipe called for buttermilk. I also think you
believe the Mexican people are so stupid that they couldn't think to use
fresh milk or canned milk instead of buttermilk. I even think you believe,
that they don't even make biscuits in Mexico, especially the thousands of
people that have lived in the US and now live in Mexico. I was also
informed in an earlier post that if it is made in Mexico it has to be an
Authentic Mexican dish. As far as you not wanting to be rude or anything, I
believe you know what you were trying to be. If you believe the recipe is
not something you would make then don't make it, KISS. In fact don't even
read it. Pretend it is an advertisement for a Porn flick, unless your into
that kind of thing. I almost would bet not a single Mexican would fry up
some potatoes then throw some chorizo in the skillet with a couple of
chiles and then scramble some eggs with it and pour the eggs over those
biscuits. I guess ice cold milk to wash it down with is totally out of the
William Barfieldsr