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William Jennings
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Default Old Fashion Biscuits

Correct, you wouldn't find buttermilk biscuits in Mexico proper. The
buttermilk biscuits I mentioned are found along the boarder land of Tex-Mex.

Buttermilk (jocoque) was hard to find in Mexico when I lived there but today
the H.E.B stores in Northern Mexico
do carry buttermilk. Last time I was in Monterrey I found General Foods
"Cafe Vienna" in the grocery stores. The day
I returned I found canned Goya "Huitacoche" in the grocery store here. Come
to think of it, when I lived in Mexico milk
was hard to find outside the larger cities.... but that was some time ago.


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Tue, 07 Oct 2003 02:37:50 GMT:

The name "Old Fashion Biscuits" is misdirecting. Had it been "Vieja
Manera Biscuites" they would have passed without notice. :-)

Not with buttermilk they wouldn't have. I have yet to find
buttermilk in Mexico. Even though I'm fairly sure it can be found
somewhere these days.