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Default has anybody noticed?

Becca wrote in news:5pe4l7FqhpvaU1

sf wrote:

I don't need to kill every single google poster just because there

a few bad apples and I certainly don't need to kill by domain. I can
just right click and kill by author or subject. End of story. It
tickles me that it takes them longer to morph than it takes me to


Fortunately, I do not get many spams. Still, I have a difficult enough
time reading the rest of the posts. I am busy most weekends, so it
takes me the rest of the week, just to get caught up on the group. I
begin reading the group alphabetically, but if I can not catch up, I
will have to delete the rest of the messages. This is a busy group,
which is a good thing. I am just slow.



You're using Mozilla/Gecko/Sea Monkey at the moment.

Change to Xnews.

Been using it for years...... and it's great!!

If you contribute/add too/make a post to any newsgroup......... any
replies to your posts are immediately highlighted when you open it up.

It certainly cuts down on a lot of 'dross'.