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Julie Bove
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Default Help Required. Suggestions please

"Matt Harwood" wrote in message
Hi, I'm new to this list. I've just had a quick browse through some of

previous threads, but nothing really seems to apply to me.

I've recently been diagnosed with Diabetes. At the moment, my doctors are
trying to control it with different tablets, but it seems to be failing. I
believe I am going to be put on insulin on my next appointment.

To me, this is totally devastating. I can't stand the thought of needled,
(self confessed coward), and my diet is about as incompatible with

as can possibly be... Hence why I'm here.

Your first line of defense is diet and exercise. If you are not doing these
things, all the pills in the world won't help you.

Can any of you recommend some kind of regular foods that I can try.
Obviously, I've been told to lay off anything with a sugar content,

reason), and that I should try to cut out fatty foods. (I've been told

diabetics are far more at risk from heart disease).

First, you should know that sugar isn't the culprit. In fact, diabetics are
no longer told to cut out sugar. That being said, it is carbs that rause
our BG. And yes, sugar is a carb. So while you can't go hog wild on sugar
or any other carbs, you can occasionally work it into your diet if you want

Now here's the crunch, I also have a very unusual and fairly rare problem
called Atopic Fresh Fruit Syndrome. - This means I'm pretty much allergic

most fruits, salads and vegetables. To make matters worse, I don't really
like anything with strong flavours like onions, peppers, garlic etc.

Fruit is not necessarily good for a diabetic to eat. It's high in carbs and
fast acting ones at that. If you're unable to eat veggies though, there
will be a problem. It is low carb veggies that make up the bulk of most of
our diets. I should also add that there is no one diet that we all follow.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Hard to tell you what to do since your diet seems so limited. Have you seen
a dietician? An Endocrinologist? I'd start there.

Type 2