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Default poaching on the grill

Dana Myers wrote:
Nonnymus wrote:
Since we've been dieting to get ready for the holidays

Most people I know diet to get ready for summer and the "swimsuit"
season. You going to the Bahamas for the holidays?

Actually, Dana, it's for the Holiday pictures with grandkids and to help
out a little breathing problem I have.
In mid January, we're going on a Caribbean cruise, but that's not
including the kids or grandkids. I've had the jerk chicken
on many a Caribbean Island, and just can't sit here and tell you it's a
favorite. There, they chop the chicken with a clever and
I always wonder about eating a bone splinter.

Here at the Nonny house, I don't need a swimsuit for the spa or pool,
except when we have company. grin


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the person you are talking with will
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