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Default poaching on the grill

James wrote:

BTW, for anyone worried about all that butter, my guess is that the
whole fillet probably had 1/8th of a single pat in and on it by the time
it had been taken out and served.

Also, the old bread pan works swell for steaming or poaching veggies
like squash, zucchini and onion.

Orange roughy sucks and bites the big one. Eat shark or any other
full fleshed fish. If that then this....

I failed to mention that the bread pan bit also works great with
Monkfish on the grill. Personally, I don't care for the more solid
fish, such as shark or swordfish, but it's just a matter of personal
choice. For Monkfish, I dice up squash, zucchini and onion to make a
bed for it, then pour in some tomato juice to help it all poach. I also
dress it with a dash of Paprika and parsley. Just before removing it
from the pan, I hit it with my MAPP gas torch for a moment to "set" the
Paprika and give the top surface just a tad of brown. It's an outdoor
version of a broiler, to me.

Someone will undoubtedly point out that poaching food on the grill is
unAmerican, and to some extent I agree. However, it's also a decent
alternative when you're dieting or have dietary constraints. The
poaching adds flavor without adding a lot of fat, sweets or salt to the
food, and since I'm on a diet, that matters. We live in Las Vegas now,
and trust me when I tell you that cooking indoors is dumb, dumb, dumb
about 10 months of the year. Most able bodied people out here who have
the time, cook outdoors so you aren't running the stove/oven at the same
time you're running the air conditioner. grin


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