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Default Czilispiel - a long report on a fun weekend in Texas

And I am VERY aware how much a lot of folks hate and resent Texans. I
don't recall having done anything to offend other states, and I don't
feel like listening to some overfilled beer sack spout off about some
other Texan he knows that was a loudmouth, so I don't usually say much
anymore about being a native Texan around other folks. Not that there
are too many native Texans anymore.

It was a lot of fun to see the bluebonnet paintings, the western
shirts made from the state flag, and the BBQ pits with the flag
stenciled on it. It was fun to see the kids with the state flag or
the lone star painted on their faces. I think that state pride, no
matter what state you hail from is a good thing, as no one seems to be
too proud of the nation these days. It was good to see someone proud
of something.

I love texas! been there several times and had a great time every time. I
think that the feelings you express are prevalent against most of the
South. Being from Mississippi, we see it here also. I love my state and am
proud to be from here. Southern Pride is not racist, It is just being proud
of where you came from. Most states have checkered pasts, ours has just
been more publicised.

All that being said, bring on the ribs and beer.

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