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Default Tea, Health and the FDA

On Oct 28, 10:06 am, "Dominic T." > wrote:
> scum who market and get rich from extracts and pills that
> are complete B.S.

yes. exactly.


heres fda's page on dietary supplements:
fda's label claims:
fda's label claims "that can be made" :

"the manufacturer is responsible for determining that the supplement
is safe and that any representations or claims made about it are
adequately substantiated.

Dietary supplements do not need to be approved by the FDA before they
are marketed."

from NEJM 2006 - Nutritional Supplements for Knee Osteoarthritis -
Still No Resolution

as for glucosamines etc, the thing is if they reach their target and
do any good there,
because pills can be coated so that they're not dissolved in the
stomach acid.
but i am not sure once/if absorbed that these compounds will increase
their synthesis/secretion in the joint itself.

thx Dominic, i wasnt up to date with this.

"differences between glucosamine sulfate and placebo were not
"chondroitin sulfate was not more efficacious than placebo is
unexpected...failed to demonstrate that two years of treatment with
chondroitin sulfate reduced symptoms or improved function"

and then of course, like all things involving studies...:

"Two randomized, placebo-controlled trials showed that three years of
treatment with glucosamine sulfate slowed radiologic progression of
osteoarthritis of the knee (a structure-modifying effect)16,17;
chondroitin sulfate was also found to slow radiologic progression of
osteoarthritis of the knee in a two-year, placebo-controlled trial."

and conclusion:
"On the basis of the results from GAIT, it seems prudent to tell our
patients with symptomatic osteoarthritis of the knee that neither
glucosamine hydrochloride nor chondroitin sulfate alone has been shown
to be more efficacious than placebo for the treatment of knee pain. If
patients choose to take dietary supplements to control their symptoms,
they should be advised to take glucosamine sulfate rather than
glucosamine hydrochloride and, for those with severe pain, that taking
chondroitin sulfate with glucosamine sulfate may have an additive
effect. Three months of treatment is a sufficient period for the
evaluation of efficacy; if there is no clinically significant decrease
in symptoms by this time, the supplements should be discontinued.
Furthermore, there is no evidence that these agents prevent
osteoarthritis in healthy persons or in persons with knee pain but
normal radiographs."
from NEJM 2006 - Nutritional Supplements for Knee Osteoarthritis -
Still No Resolution

on one hand there might be an fda bias towards drugs, but on the other
hand US life expectancy keeps rising (due to medications which
decrease disease and prolong the life of sick people, and just as well
due to curbing of unhealthy habits like smoking)

also the dietary supplements,herbs market etc is pretty huge itself,
there are huge profits to be made just by throwing some dirt in a tube
or diluting to extinction some extract in water.

on topic: there is no way the fda will ban tea or coffee. they might
ban some company selling tea/coffee with 'unfounded' health claims on
the label.