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Default Tea, Health and the FDA

On Oct 27, 4:02 am, Nigel > wrote:
> On Oct 26, 4:07 pm, SN > wrote:
> > imho they should 'censor' unfounded claims. just like they 'censor'
> > bad medicine.

> I think you missed the point - the FDA are allegedly and simple
> mindedly endeavouring to rid the market of any food of beverage that
> has any other action upon the body other than purely nutritional -
> this would be serious for tea which is undoubtedly (and like many
> other foods and beverages) physiologically altering (caffeine for one)
> and psychoactively altering (theanine for another) - read
> and see what the man has to say.
> Nigel at Teacraft

A lot of people were similarly up in arms a while back about the FDA
banning all vitamins and supplements... it turned out to be nothing
and if anything companies like GNC/Vitamin World were the only ones
really worried. I do actually support the banning of tea-related
products that make outrageous claims. Weight-loss, energy, eyesight,
virility, etc... IMO they are false and just as companies continue to
sell Glucosamine and Condroitin for joints even though it has been
proven completely false and rendered useless by stomach acid. I don't
mind people drinking tea for the supposed health benefits only, I do
care about scum who market and get rich from extracts and pills that
are complete B.S. You'd think by now snake oil would no longer sell.
Maybe I'm just bitter that I'm not immoral enough to capitalize on it.

- Dominic

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