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Default Tea, Health and the FDA

On Oct 26, 2:46 pm, Nigel > wrote:
> I rarely start new threads having enough to do just keeping up with
> other people's - but this topic needs exposure. Though only affecting
> herbal teas so far:
> this, if true, it is likely to attract FDA heavy handed censorship in
> Camellia sinensis marketing when the physiological benefits of EGCG
> and theanine come to the fore.
> Does anyone have more information about the FDA stance on this?
> Nigel at Teacraft

FDA's stance with tea is that it is "generally recognised as safe", so
there is no danger of them ever banning it.

And as you kindly pointed out, the danger is in the providers who mis-
label the products.

In the past, FDA has disallowed labelling of tea products as anti-
cancer and anti-heart disease because there is "insufficient human

This is clearly plain silly and going against the scientific
community, as the risk/reward/cost so skew towards drinking tea that
discouraging it would overall be detrimental to the US population.

Having said that, I can't see FDA enforcing it. They can only pick
their targets carefully.

I would imagine FDA's stance having a big impact on large commercial
operations such as Lipton and Celestial seasonings as well as the
supplement companies and how they market their teas.

I imagine they would somehow get through it without "breaking the
letter of the law".

I herbal supplement market has been in FDA radar screen for a while
due to numerous case reports of side effects. So there really is no
surprise there FDA is taking action.

And by the way I love the author. I don't know if he is biased (I
haven't been studying the FDA), but it is such an informative read.