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Default Tea, Health and the FDA

Hi Nigel, nice to see you on the forum, I read the article and at
first glance its quite sobering. I would like to see the legislation
under which FDA outline these issues as they seem to be according to
the author so strict that it would be hard not to violate them. I t
seems that the author slams the FDA and has made some serious
allegations against them with regard to a MAFIA type modus operandi
with no evidince to back them up.He appears to be very aggressive and
angry with the FDA and the bias of the article becomes unbalanced.
With regard to tea, if coffee has been of no interest to FDA then I
believe that tea would be unaffected as well unsless the authors
accusations toward FDA are true but again the legal system in this
country is probably the most advanced in the world and any victim of
such action would stand a fair chance of exposing the FDA for