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Default almost too simple, part 2

I did a couple more chicken breasts with the dry ranch mix and fired up
the Foodsaver to pull the flavors more into the meat. As I shook the
cannister to distribute the mix onto the chicken, I looked closely and
saw that the mix, combined with moisture on the chicken, made a little
"gravy." That got me to thinking.

I cut up a big Russet potato, some zucchini, squash and yellow onion,
put them into my second container and dumped in another packet of
dressing. After shaking, it looked pretty skimpy, so I added a second
one. This seemed to make a difference and I could see a similar "gravy"
on the sides of the container as well as on the veggies.

Both are vacuumed and in the refrigerator. Mrs. Nonny loves a zucchini,
squash and onion casserole, so I'm planning to let it marinate for a
couple days and then dump the veggies into a Cornihg dish and bake it on
the grill. I'll report back on the results.
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