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Default Tea, Health and the FDA

Nigel > writes:

> On Oct 26, 4:07 pm, SN > wrote:
> >
> > imho they should 'censor' unfounded claims. just like they 'censor'
> > bad medicine.

> I think you missed the point - the FDA are allegedly and simple
> mindedly endeavouring to rid the market of any food of beverage that
> has any other action upon the body other than purely nutritional -
> this would be serious for tea which is undoubtedly (and like many
> other foods and beverages) physiologically altering (caffeine for one)
> and psychoactively altering (theanine for another) - read
> and see what the man has to say.

Well, he does eventually say

Any herbal product that actually works will quickly find itself in the
FDA's crosshairs, especially if it is described with honest, accurate
language telling consumers the truth about what the product actually does.

after spending most of the article complaining about censorship. I
don't feel particularly comfortable touting the intelligence of the US
government, but I live under it, and I can't imagine them banning
coffee and tea.

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