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Default See what happens when you lose weight?

In article >, Andy <q> wrote:

> The gout diet, low sat. fat, high complex carbs, no booze and lots of water.

What I'm about to spout is crap. I know it's crap. But it's a notion
that has served me for nearly a year. And it may appear to work for me
only until it happens again.
Back in 1990, I ate a lot of Nevada crawdads once. Within a week I had
horrible pain in my right foot. A doctor I saw told me to stay off the
foot. Brilliant!
Last year, shrimp were cheap from spring to fall and I bought lots for
my wife and me. I experienced the same pain that I had felt in 1990.
Only I experienced it five times for four days to two weeks at each
episode from late summer till New Year.
After New Year, shrimp became marginally more expensive, and I became a
bit bored with them. I didn't eat them for six months. I realized I
didn't have 'gout foot' either. I haven't eaten shrimp, crab or crawfish
since. I haven't had a problem since.
It breaks my heart to discontinue eating food I truly love, but I won't
eat shellfish again until I get 'gout foot' from something else that
proves my notion wrong. What I have, never diagnosed, is painful enough
to make me pass on shellfish until something else triggers it again.