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Default Sugar free candy question

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erospam (Wmkcross) writes:

I was always taught that a carb is a carb. Regardless of whether it is a
or not. When reading the carb counts of sugar free candies, I find that they
have just as many carbs (if not more) than their sugary counterparts.
My question is. If the carbs are the same. Why not just eat the normal stuff?
As Ricky would say to Lucy "Someone splain this to me"


A carb is not a carb.. A good example would be to check out the glycemic index.
There are fast carbs and slow carbs.. Most processed foods and white flour is a
fast carb.. Baked potatoes many fruits are a slower carb and provide your body
with much needed fiber.. By law anything that isnt protein or fat is a carb...
Whether or not your body uses it..
sugar alcohols are an item that doesnt affect some people and doesnt affect
others..YMMV type thing..

As always YMMV and this is JMO
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