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Default See what happens when you lose weight?

Dee Dee wrote:

> At first I wondered how it would feel not to have a wedding ring on. I
> don't think much about it anymore. DH has never worn a wedding ring. So
> we're still the two look-alikes.
> Dee Dee

I stopped wearing mine routinely when pregnant and swollen. I got out of
the habit and rarely wear one (of the various three my husband has given
me) because it is less bothersome at work with the hand washing (and
contamination) aspects.
Paula Deen's fat fingers look gross on television with all the rings she
wears while cooking. I always wonder how dirty they are underneath? WHY
do women with short, fat fingers wear multiple (usually cheap and ugly)
rings on each hand? Not only does it look unclean, it just exaggerates
how "sausage like" their hands are. Ugh.