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Default See what happens when you lose weight?

"Andy" <q> wrote in message ...
> This morning I realized a ring is missing. I've been turning the house
> upside down, went through the garbage bit by bit. Can't find it!
> Called two stores I visited yesterday, "Sorry."
> Visited the hawkwatch in hopes. "Sorry."
> I knew it was getting loose as I lost poundage. Should've had it resized
> sooner.
> This happened once before with my 7 diamond ring and it turned up in the
> trash. No such luck today.
> Now I just need to take a couple valium, get over the frustration and then
> turn the house over again. If I find it, I'll probably collapse.
> It's only of sentimental value since I've worn it for all my adult life.
> I'm physically and mentally exhausted.
> See what happens when you lose weight? You lose "stuff" too!
> Water, 2 valium, gulp.

Happened to me twice with my wedding ring. First time it slipped off in my
purse. Second time was much harder to find. Eventually found it in a small
soft sided cooler bag that I carry drinks in.

I no longer wear the wedding ring. I just buy a cheap, wedding looking ring
and replace it when it starts looking bad. I figure I'm still losing weight
so no need to buy something expensive until I'm down to the size I want.