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Default Which one of yew fellers 's HONGRY !!??

"Dave Bugg" wrote:
Spud wrote:


Man, you guys taught him a lesson he'll never forget! The dreaded

All this talk is make'n me HONGRY. Gonna go eat sum left over pulled

Your sarcasm and lack of wit is duly noted. There was no 'lesson'. He's
free to post whatever and however he wishes; this is an unmoderated ng. I
also think it's fair to let somone I've helped in the past understand why
I find his posts objectionable and why I won't see his postings or offer
further help.

At least Spud didn't quote the guv. My killfile runneth over!

Nick. Support severely wounded and disabled Veterans and their families!
I've known US vets who served as far back as the Spanish American War. They
are all my heroes! Thank a Veteran and Support Our Troops. You are not
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