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Default See what happens when you lose weight?

Andy wrote:
> This morning I realized a ring is missing. I've been turning the house
> upside down, went through the garbage bit by bit. Can't find it!
> Called two stores I visited yesterday, "Sorry."
> Visited the hawkwatch in hopes. "Sorry."
> I knew it was getting loose as I lost poundage. Should've had it resized
> sooner.
> This happened once before with my 7 diamond ring and it turned up in the
> trash. No such luck today.
> Now I just need to take a couple valium, get over the frustration and then
> turn the house over again. If I find it, I'll probably collapse.
> It's only of sentimental value since I've worn it for all my adult life.
> I'm physically and mentally exhausted.
> See what happens when you lose weight? You lose "stuff" too!
> Water, 2 valium, gulp.

My paternal grandmother, a lukewarm Lutheran, phoned my mother, a lapsed
Catholic, to find out the name of "that one saint you pray to when
things get lost" because the diamond from her wedding ring had popped
loose from its setting while she was at work at Krogers.

Mom told her it was St. Anthony, but that she might be at the back of
the line onna acounta Grandmother not being Catholic and all.

Nevertheless, Grandma prayed to St. Anthony and asked for her diamond
back. And when she reported to her next shift 3 days later, she caught
a hint of a glimmer from an unswept corner. And sure enough, there it was.