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Julie Bove
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Default question about diabetes?

"Carl" wrote in message
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Hi, how are you?
I have been wondering whether or not I have diabetes. I have been
bothered by a severe dry skin problem in the past few years. I have a
history of over eating, and extreme inactivity. The dry skin started to
develop about 1 year ago. I went to see a doctor, and he said that it is
not a fungus. He basically did not know what it is, and I stopped seeing
him afterwards. I am 25 years old, and I have never had trouble with my
weight even though I have a tendency to eat until I feel ill. My life
has been a little stressful, and I have been eaten a lot in order to
feel better. I am beginning to wonder if the reason why I hadn't gained
weight is because I have had diabetes.
I have heard that doing a proper exercise is a great way to combat
against diabetes, but if I know approximately how long it takes before
the effect shows up, I can do some exercise for a while, and see if my
dry skin problem would go away.
Could you give me any opinion on that? Other than the very bad dry
skin problems on my entire back and the butt, I have no other conditions
associated with diabetes.
Thank you, and have a good day.

Your symptoms could be due to a thyroid problem. But there is no way of
telling if it is that, diabetes, or something else unless you go to a Dr.

Type 2